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rLab Projects[edit]

Projects seeking members/leaders

  • Refit sink area in main workshop - Leader sought
  • Refit the main room upstairs - Vance-B and Tony-S Leading
  • Redecorate the toilets - Leader sought

Projects in progress

  • Induction updates - At the moment we've got a bit of a bottleneck on inductions and are seeking to expand the range of people able to give them.
  • Project COVID - rLab's efforts to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic

Permanently ongoing projects

  • A new clock for the kitchen that'll also serve as a showcase for the manufacturing techniques available at rLab

Member Projects[edit]

Historic Projects[edit]

These projects are completed and no longer looking for help, much older projects may be moved to the archive

Projects are for/about the hackspace it's self should be located under /Projects/<projectname> , pages about personal projects are welcome and encouraged and should be located as a sub-page of your user page. Both types should use the tag [[Category:Projects]] so that they appear on this page

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