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Getting an account here[edit]

At the moment we're focusing mostly on using this wiki to update the inductions for all the main tools in the space in order to avoid one person getting stuck giving all inductions on a tool. If you're the primary induction provider for a tool then your input is very much needed! If you've got professional or otherwise extensive knowledge of a tool then your input in writing inductions would be helpful. Editing other pages and adding general information about rLab to the wiki isn't a major focus right now, but if that's what you're able to bring to the wiki then we'll be glad of it as there's more than enough work to go around getting this wiki into a good state. If you'd like some ideas about what you could add to the wiki then you can take a look at the wanted pages listing to see if there's anything you feel you could add, or see if you can upgrade any of the existing pages, or write something for your user page.

Accounts here are available to all current members of rLab, if you'd like one then please contact Steve, Rupert or Tony who can add you. Once you have your account then you're encouraged to make a user page introducing who you are and what projects (personal and general) that you're involved with, it really helps people to match up faces and usernames. Please remember that this wiki is running on somewhat limited hardware as it's still in prototype stage, as such editing functions can be a bit slow sometimes and it occasionally pauses for a few seconds when requests are made, just be patient and it'll get there!


If you have an account then please follow usual wiki procedure and generally, be bold about your editing. Feel free to do (almost) anything to improve the content and layout of pages! For the moment the only restrictions we'd ask you to follow are

  • If a page is "protected" from editing that's because it contains content that's critically important for the safety and legality of rLab, if you'd like to propose a change then please use that article's talk page so it can be discussed.
  • Please do not edit induction pages unless you are one of the people who give that induction, if you have ideas to contribute that's very welcome but please put them on the talk page, or better yet get in touch with the lead for that tool and volunteer to give that induction yourself!

Major Wiki Projects[edit]

Current major projects are

  • To create induction scripts for all tools requiring inductions, so that more people can be trained to give those inductions and prevent the bottleneck of having only one person giving inductions on some tools

If you feel you can help with any of these projects then please contact Steve, Ru or Tony via the mailing list and ask for an account here!


General guidelines to help keep the wiki well organised, these are guidelines rather than strict rules but please try to follow them as much as possible.

  • Pages should link into the rest of the wiki as much as realistically possible, don't create single isolated pages, you can check for any isolated pages that might need linking in at Special:LonelyPages
  • Quite a few pages have been tagged as needing some attention, you can find them at
  • All pages should have meaningful content e.g. if you've started a project at the space, please make a page about it with as much detail as possible and link it from the projects page! but if you're just idly interested in doing something then a page declaring that interest with no further content isn't helpful to the wider membership
    • Except on your user page, anything (legal) goes on your own user page and you're free to put as much information about your interests and projects (both ongoing and planned) as you can on there , you can make sub-directories to help keep things organised if you like. If it turns into a page with wider use for the membership it can always be moved to main wiki space later, contact an admin to request a move if it's become appropriate.
  • Pages on projects that are no longer active and haven't seen any updates in months should be moved to historic projects or the archive.
  • Link pages are not helpful - If a page consists of only off-site links, it shouldn't exist. Put those links into the body of another page where they're relevant, if there is no page where they're relevant then they're probably not helpful to the wiki as someone could just google for the same content.