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An information page for rLab members on the network available at the lab.


rLab's general network layout plan

The lab has an internet connection from Andrews and Arnold via a DSL line. This runs through our firewall / router, and seperates into a public-facing DMZ network for the wiki server and some core systems, and an internal LAN which provides services to the lab systems and members projects.

Internal LAN[edit]

The internal LAN is accessible to members both over WiFi and various network outlet points in the lab.

WiFi connection details are posted around the lab. If you need connection information, please ask on site and someone will be able to help you out.

The LAN itself is an RFC-1918 compliant network, using the space. This is further grouped into three ranges.

  • - Lab owned equipment static addresses
  • - DHCP client pool
  • - Project space

Note that this block is run as a single subnet - the grouping is purely an administrative action to make it easier to manage the address space.

Equipment brought into rLab should ideally use the DHCP server to be provided with an address and the current network settings. If this is not possible then an address in the project space can be used without causing a conflict with the DHCP clients. If this is required over an extended period of time you should talk to the network maintainers about reserving an address.

If you need to check the status of a DHCP client on the server, there is a login for this which is posted in the lab and bookmarked on the two design PC's in the Main Room upstairs.


The lab has a Multitech LoRaWAN gateway installed.

At present not much is known about this device or how it may be accessed (eg to check a LoRaWAN project is being received correctly at the gateway)

If you need help and advice on LoRaWAN it's best to ask on the mailing list as there are a number of knowledgeable members who can assist.


These are the people who look after and repair the network. They're the ones to contact if there are any problems.

Name Notes
James M

Planned Projects[edit]

  • Tidy up data cabinet
  • Re-visit firewall rules for inbound connections to core systems

Completed Projects[edit]

  • Replaced design PC's switch with more reliable gigabit switch
  • Replaced broken firewall router with new system

Other Works[edit]

  • Updated firewall to latest firmware. Jmf (talk) 12:09, 20 February 2022 (UTC)