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ThermalArc 202AC/DC TIG Welder

This tool requires induction
Owing to it's dangerous nature, delicate nature, or expense, this tool requires that you be inducted on it's proper handling before use.


ThermalArc 202AC/DC TIG Welder

We have a ThermalArc 202 TIG welder unit that's a high-end TIG welding system capable of currents up to 200A (but currently limited to less, see status) which can weld Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper, Brass, Lead, and a variety of other metals as well as being capable of TIG Brazing and hardface welding. As this is both one of the more expensive tools downstairs and one of the hardest to use induction is required before operating the TIG welder and it's recommended that people learn and practice using the MIG welder before moving on to TIG as MIG is substantially easier to learn and some of the skills will transfer. The TIG welder and it's argon gas bottle are normally kept under the metalworking table. There is a charge for TIG welding of £10 per linear meter of weld produced.

Current Status

Date Status Comment
28th November 2019 Mostly Functional Limited to 130A by the power connection, large gas bottle has gone to live on a farm

The TIG welder has full envelope control on both AC and DC welding as well as HF-Start, Pulse-mode, Wave-Balance and Frequency control, which enables it to weld just about anything that's technically weldable. For simple jobs on mild steel it might be over-kill though and the MIG welder might be a better choice. For especially thick bits or dirty metal it may be better to use the MIG welder in Stick welding mode. If you're not sure of the best welding process for your job Steve's written a short guide that's here

The manual for the TIG welder is here.

Planned Upgrades

Parts and upgrades that are planned/Budgeted/Purchased for in the near future

Rewire onto 32Amp mains connection.

TIG Welder Caretakers


The following people are able to provide inductions on the TIG Welder

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These are the people who look after and repair the TIG welder, they're the ones to contact if there's any problems with it

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Recent Changes

If you make any non-trivial changes to the TIG welder or perform maintenance please note it here, delete records older than 1 yr

  • 50L gas bottle has gone, we're just using the 11L Albee bottles now