Metalworking Table

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The new metalworking table

The metal table is now storing most of the tools that used to be in the rack on the north wall, in order to clear that out so it can be re-made bigger and better. All drawers have a 3 digit reference

First digit - F or B for Front or Back side of the table

Second digit - Row, numbered starting 1 at the top

Third digit - Column, starting at A on the left


Left side rack[edit]

3 Angle grinders, 2 x 115mm and 1 x 230mm along with cutting and grinding discs, wire wheels, flap discs of varying grits. Spare spanners and guards kept in the trough at the bottom

Right side[edit]

TIG welder is kept on the shelf on the right, the gas bottle is stored in a holder directly above it. Tig leads, power and ground leads are stored on the hooks immediately under the tabletop

Front Side[edit]

Drawer F1A

Sheet metal tools and rivets

Tin-snips, bending pliers.

Pop rivet guns and rivets, regular rivet sets and rivets

Drawer F1B

Files, drill accessories, sanding pads

Spare wood and metalworking files that aren't on the main rack.

Sanding drums,pads, and wire wheels for drills.

Sanding pads for orbital/mouse sanders

Drawer F1C

Painting Equipment

Paintbrushes and rollers, paint trays, paint scrapers

Drawer F2A

Socket sets

Metric and Imperial Sockets, torque wrenches, bearing pullers

Drawer F2B

Power Drills

Mains power-drills, unusual/large drill bits,

drill-bit/screwdriver-bit kits

Drawer F2C

Dremmels & Accessories

Dremmel type power tools, extensions shafts, grinding/sanding/drill bits

Drawer F3A

Spares for table repairs

Drawer F3B

Extension leads

Extension leads and multi-way adapters ranged for normal 13A use

Drawer F3C

TIG Accessories

TIG gloves, electrodes, foot-peddle system, torch accessories

Back Side[edit]

Drawer B1A

Heat tools

Blow torches & Hot-air guns

Drawer B1B

Industrial Extension Leads

16A and 32A Single-phase and three-phase extension leads

Drawer B2A

Common mains woodworking tools

Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Power-Planner

Drawer B2B

Uncommon mains woodworking tools

Oscillating Drum sander, Staplers, Vibro-cutters

Drawer B3A


Drawer B3B

Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter, nozzle consumables, power adapter