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How to choose which welding induction you need

The welding techniques increase in difficulty

Welding Type Difficulty Notes
MIG Induction - Level 1 Low, anyone can learn to make OK welds in a day Induction is written and ready to go
MIG Induction - Level 2 Medium-Low, a bit more technical stuff to deal with but no more skill needed than level 1 Induction not ready yet, but willing to give pointers to people who've done level 1
MIG induction (MMA mode) Medium, not so technical but a bit of physical skill needed, couple of hours practice to basic competance, 10's hours of practice to get good Induction not written but I've got a fairly clear idea in mind, willing to give this one
TIG Induction (TIG mode - Level 1) Medium-High, technical and physical skill needed Induction is written and ready to go
TIG Induction (TIG mode - Level 2) High, the most challenging and versatile welding technique, technical, skilled, 10's hours practice for basic competence, 100's hours for good skill Induction not quite ready, but willing to help with specific issues for people who've done level 1

How to choose