Introduction edit

A project to re-work DB3A.

Objectives :

  • Bring the Emergency Stop control into use for the 3-phase tools (as appropriate)
  • Separate the 16A sockets for the Bandsaw and MIG Welder onto individual circuits
  • Separate the Pillar Drill and Pedestal Grinder onto individual circuits
  • Provide a new 16A socket for the Planer-Thicknesser
  • Provide capacity for a new 16A socket in future

Current State edit

The existing board is based on 2 35mm DIN rails, each of 250mm length. These are mounted on a removeable back plate.

Three 4-pole NC contactors are fitted, but only being used as junction blocks at present.

The primary cable entry is via the trunking at the bottom of the box, with a single armoured cable entering on the top-right side.

Planned Work edit

  • Test Emergency Stop contactor power is working and correct.
  • Strip existing board
  • Strip back armoured cable sheath to ~20mm from point of entry
  • Move lower DIN rail down on baseplate to make room for wiring between DIN rails
  • Install Schneider 63A 4-pole contactor, connected to E-Stop system
  • Replace MCB 4L1/L2/L3 in Main Board with Schneider 32A Type-C breaker.
  • Wire new 32A breaker to new E-Stop contactor with 10mm conduit cable
  • Install new earth block onto wall of DB3A. Bond cabinet and door to earth block.
  • Connect Metal Lathe wiring directly back to MCB 5L1/L2/L3 in Main board - 4-pole junction / 20A
  • Install new 16A 3-phase RCBO's for Pillar Drill and Pedestal Grinder
  • Install new 16A 1-phase RCBO's for MIG Welder, Planer-Thicknesser and spare circuit
  • Install new 6-way DIN rail terminal block for neutral connections
  • Install new 4-way DIN rail terminal blocks for L1, L2 and L3 switched connections
  • Pull new 2.5mm cable through for MIG Welder socket. Remove old wiring from shared 16A box.
  • Install new 20mm conduit in ceiling to centre pillar.
  • Pull new 2.5mm cable through for Planer-Thicknesser socket. Install new 16A surface socket on central pillar.

Photos and Drawings edit