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Tony (Shannon not Short) recent transplant to Reading, and new(ish) member of R-Lab.

I'm interested in digital privacy, computer security, and a wide range of music.

Regarding Hackspaces, I was a founding member of NottingHack, founding director of 57north (Aberdeen hackspace), and prior member of Cheltenham hackspace
I joined R-Lab February 2019 - thanks for making me feel welcome!

Tools are catnip to me, and I'm always keen to learn new skills. Thanks to anyone who's taken the time to explain something, and help me to learn!

Wiki layout blatantly stolen from Stever

Major Projects in Progress[edit]

For me For rLab
  • Laser cut sign "Circus"style (for a friend to use to advertise her business at events)
  • Prototyping fixtures to hold a large mirror-ball kaleidoscope, for use at public events.
  • 3D Printing / prototyping parts replicating a model of a historic object, based on limited 2D photos (in prep - learning the tooling, 3D workflow is new to me)
  • None yet - keen to collaborate on hacking the space!

Projects completed[edit]

Major Projects[edit]

For me For rLab
  • Laser engraving a dozen hipflasks and 4 gift boxes, to commemorate an event.
  • None yet!

Odds and Ends[edit]