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Introduction to LockPicking[edit]

Learn the basics of lockpicking in a short hands-on workshop, in this session you’ll learn:

  • The legal aspects and ramifications of owning, carrying, and using lockpicks and associated tools
  • Which tools are available, the tools that we use, and the tools to avoid
  • The techniques involved in picking standard pin tumbler locks
  • Basic single-pin picking with specially-modified training locks
  • Single-pin picking of unmodified locks containing security pins
  • Locks, picks, and all required equipment will be provided on the day.

Please Note: This is not a locksmithing course.

Locking picking often involves manipulating a mechanism in a non-standard way, and may induce wear or cause damage to lock components. rLab advises against picking locks that are in use, against picking locks you do not own / without the permission of the lock owner.