From rLab
Video of the lamp in motion

I've made this lamp using the cut-out plastic bits from the giant switchboard I made, after making the switchboard there were a lot of small bits of cut-out plastic left over so I assembled them into a series of tubes with slanted tops. These tubes nest inside one another and rest on a base made of acrylic and 3D-printed gears. The base contains a DC motor geared down 1000:1 which turns the outer cylinder at approximately one revolution every 4 minutes with the inner cylinders being geared off of the outer one. As the cylinders turn the slots in them move in and out of alignment allowing various patterns of light and shade to show through.

This project is finished for now but in the longer term I'd like to replace the DC motor with a small NEMA-14 stepper motor and a silent driver in order to reduce the operating noise and connect an ESP-32 to allow wifi control.