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Design Stations 1 & 2

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Design Station 1

A pair of Windows 10 PC's, loaded with the common tools and utilities that are used at rLab.

These are commonly used to prepare 3d print jobs and laser cutter jobs. Both PC's have SD card readers attached to directly write files for the Ultimaker 2+ 3d printers.

rLab members may keep files on these machines, but be aware that there is no guarantee they will survive - these are shared systems and other users may clean them out at any time.

The PC's are connected to the rLab Dropbox account and users are encouraged to use this method to transfer files and store work in progress.

These machines are not backed up.

Current Status

Date Status Comment
6th July 2020 Functional Working properly

Planned Upgrades

Parts and upgrades that are planned/Budgeted/Purchased for in the near future

  • Upgrade screens. Fit a pair of 1080p 21" or 24" screens on adjustable arms to each PC

Design Station Caretakers


These are the people who look after and repair the design stations, they're the ones to contact if there's any problems with it

Name Notes
James M
Tony S

Recent Changes

If you make any non-trivial changes to the design stations or perform maintenance please note it here, delete records older than 1 yr