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Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printers - Maintenance Information


This page contains information about maintaining the rLab Ultimaker 2+ printers. It is for reference only to assist in future maintenance.

While not an exact match, the Ultimaker 2 Assembly Manual is a good reference guide to most elements of the 2+ printers as well.

Bed levelling[edit]

A metric feeler gauge can be used for bed levelling. Use the 1mm gauge for the coarse setting, then the 0.05mm for the fine setting. Wind the plate feet in before you start to give more room for adjustment later on.


The Olsson ruby nozzles must be fitted to the correct torque - 0.5Nm. Overtightening can crack the ruby and destroy the nozzle. Nozzles must be removed and fitted hot. Heat to ~200 degrees and be careful.

Full instructions can be found here.

Belts and Sliders[edit]

Ultimaker 2+ belt arrangement

The UM2+ uses two different belts. Both are GT2 belts, 6.5mm wide. The X & Y motor belts are 200mm long, and the long axis belts are 610mm long. The long axis rods are 8mm diameter, and the print head support rods are 6mm diameter.


The two electronics modules are located underneath the printer behind metal cover plates. Each plate is secured by two bolts with nylock nuts. Check the cables are properly inserted in each board - the front screen will glitch if it is not correctly plugged in. There are three microswitches for X, Y and Z -axis limit switches. We have had one bad connection to a limit switch requiring re-soldering. Check these if the head will not home correctly.