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General storage policy[edit]

rLab has only very limited storage space, so we have a policy to prevent us winding up with large amount of material clogging up the space and preventing us from working. If you know the material poses a risk, or has special storage requirements, please raise these with the room leader / group and discuss whether to bring it in. If you wish to bring chemicals into the space to be stored then please talk to the people who maintain the chemical cupboard to see if needs to be stored there or if it can be put into a project box that's been suitably labelled.

Storing small projects and materials[edit]

The main area we can store things is the store room on the ground floor next to the toilets. Members can have a project box (which must fit safely on the shelves and won't injure anyone moving the box) and use it to store projects and materials that are actively being worked on. The space here is quite limited and we definitely can't have 1 box per member, if you normally come into the lab via car then please consider if you really need to store things here. Boxes ABSOLUTELY MUST be labelled with your name, a means of contact (preferably a phone number or email address) and the date you last worked on the project. In order to keep space available for members who are actively using the space any box who's last "worked on" date is over ONE MONTH ago will be removed and thrown out, any boxes that are not labelled or incorrectly labelled will be thrown out!

Storing large projects[edit]

For projects that are too large to fit on the shelves then they have to be stored in the main workshop space, the same requirements for labelling apply but anything that has a last worked on date more than ONE WEEK ago will be thrown out! Please consider how having them in the main space will affect people trying to work there and do not be offended if you return and discover that it has been moved to make room for something else. If your project is too delicate to be safely moved then please make sure it's very clearly labelled as such, and be especially considerate of other people working in the space by putting it out of the way and removing it quickly. Even projects labelled as delicate can't be guaranteed not to get moved if the space is needed, so think carefully before leaving a project in that state.