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The Flammable materials store
The Corrosive, Oxidizing and Toxic materials store

The chemical cupboards contains a number of dangerous chemicals. While many of these are common in a domestic environment, we must responsibly implement some controls in a shared space. We have 2 chemical storage cupboards, one rated for flammable materials which is located under the sink, the other is rated for corrosive and oxidising materials and is kept on the opposite side of the room; this allows us to separate chemicals which may react violently so that the risk of hazardous reactions will be reduced. For the moment the flammables materials cupboard is not locked, but must be kept closed! The corrosives cupboard is locked, keys are available from the directors if you need access, we're working on a more user-friendly access system. rLab keeps a stock of generally useful chemicals which are replaced when needed and may from time to time also have other chemicals which were useful for specific projects but will not be automatically replaced when they run out. Member's chemicals can be stored but only with prior approval from those who look after the chemical cupboards which will not be granted unless absolutely essential for a project. If in any doubt whatsoever about your ability to handle a chemical safely, then DON'T! Seek advice from other members with more experience or from commercial safety advisers before proceeding.


  • All dangerous chemicals must be stored in the appropriate chemical cupboard and returned there immediately after use
  • Suitable PPE must be used when handling chemicals, check the MSDS for what that PPE is
  • Use of dangerous and obnoxious chemicals should be constrained to the "wet and smelly" areas whenever possible
  • Use of horribly smelly chemicals or experiments likely to produce toxic/corrosive fumes must be confined to the fume hood and continually supervised
  • All dangerous chemicals must carry a clearly printed label (handwritten labels NOT OK) with chemical name and display hazard signs described in the MSDS for the chemical and the safety/risk phrases suitable for it. If the chemical is owned by a member it must also state member who brought it in, date brought in and date it will be removed.
  • Chemical cupboard A under the sink is for flammable materials, nothing oxidising or corrosive may be stored here. Chemical cupboard B in the far corner is for oxidising or corrosive materials and no flammable materials may be stored here.
  • Dangerous chemicals must not be stored in food or drink containers of any sort. No dangerous chemicals are allowed in the kitchen area or toilet.
  • A MSDS must be available in this wiki or linked from it for all dangerous chemicals brought into the space.
  • No chemical can be brought to the space unless appropriate PPE is provided and maintained, and safety controls are proven adequate.
  • No legally prohibited substances should be brought to the space EVER!
  • No substances requiring an Explosive Precursor and Poisons (EPP) License should be brought to the space EVER!
  • Paints and lubricants for general use have their own separate storage area and should not be kept in chemical cupboards
  • Any chemical that is found in the cupboards that is in contravention of these rules will be immediately removed and disposed of. Member's materials stored in this cupboard that are in contravention of any of these rules or which any of the members looking after the cupboard consider to present an un-necessary risk will be removed and disposed of immediately with no compensation to the owner


This should be a complete inventory of the chemicals being stored at rLab, if you've used or replaced any of the chemicals then please update this inventory to reflect that. Any chemical found in the cupboards that does not appear in this inventory will be immediately removed and disposed of.

Stock chemicals[edit]

These are the chemicals that are frequently and generally useful so we maintain a stock of them for member to use. If your use of them takes the actual stock level below the expected stock level then post on the mailing list and re-stocking will be arranged. If you are finding you need to routinely use a chemical that is not on this list, please raise it on the mailing list or with the downstairs team and we'll consider if it should be made a stock chemical.

Product Name Chemical Name(s) Hazards Location Expected stock level Actual Stock level Notes
Acetone Acetone, DiMethylKetone Flammable Flammables Cupboard 2 x 1 L 2 x 2 L Cleaning & Degreasing Solvent, especially useful for welding
IsoPropyl Alcohol IsoPropanol, Rubbing Alcohol Flammable Flammables Cupboard 2 x 1L 5 x 1L Cleaning Solvent, especially useful for electronics
Methylated Spirits Methanol, Methyl Alcohol Flammable, Toxic Flammables Cupboard 1 x 1L 1 x 400mL General cleaning solvent, Fuel
PCB Photoresist Developer Sodium MetaSilicate Corrosive, Harmful Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 250gm 1 x 250gm

1 x 150gm

1x 10g sachet

PCB Processing
PCB Etchant Ferric Chloride Corrosive, Harmful Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 1Kg 1 x 1Kg PCB Processing
Caustic Soda Sodium Hydroxide Corrosive Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 500gm Out of Stock Strong cleaner and degreaser
White Spirit Light Kerosene Flammable Flammables Cupboard 1 x 300ml 1 x 500ml Cleaner, paint thinner, brush cleaner
Lubricating Wax Machine wax, Dry film lubricant Flammable Flammables cupboard 1 x 500ml 1 x 500ml Protective coat for machine tools

Last Audit : 24th Nov 2021

Non-stock chemicals[edit]

These are less frequently used chemicals which are obtained only when needed and not automatically replaced when they run out. Greyed-out entries are currently out of stock, if you want them replaced ask on the mailing list so price and suitability can be discussed

Product Name Chemical Name(s) Hazards Location Actual Stock level Notes
PCB Etchant Sodium Persulphate Corrosive, Harmful Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 100g sachet PCB Processing
Polyester Resin Hardener Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide in DiMethyl Pthalate Oxidizing, Corrosive, Explosive if allowed to dry Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 100ml Stock should be sufficient to use with the available resin
HydroChloric Acid 35% Muriatic Acid Corrosive Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 1L
Sulphuric Acid 96% Oil of Vitriol Corrosive Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 1L

1 x 500ml

Table Salt Sodium Chloride Corrosive Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 300gm Ordinary table salt, but after storage in the cupboards CANNOT be considered food-safe any longer
Easy-Flo Flux Powder Irritant Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 150gm
Tensol-12 PMMA in DiChloroMethane Flammable, Harmfull Flammables Cupboard 1 x 50ml Acrylic Glue
Baufix "All-purpose thinner" Acetone and other solvents Flammable, Corrosive, Harmful Flammables cupboard 2 x 1L Paint thinner and brush cleaner
Evostick 528 Contact Adhesive MEK, Ethyl Acetate, other solvents Flammables Cupboard 1 x 1L Adhesive
Ethyl Acetate Flammable Flammables cupboard 1 x 1L Solvent and PLA smoothing agent
Gas lighter Refill Propane, Butane Flammable Flammables cupboard 1 x 300ml Lighter refill for forge and blowtorches
Aluminium filler Aluminium Flammable, Pyrophoric Flammables cupboard 1 x 500g Resin filler
Smoke cartridges Flammable Flammables cupboard 1 x pack of 10 orange

1 x pack of 10 grey

1 x tub of orange

Used as a tracer for checking fume hood
Tensol-70 part-A Methyl Methacrylate in DiChloroMethane Flammable, Irritant Flammables cupboard 1 x 500g Adhesive
Polyester colour dispersion Dye in polyester resin monomer Flammable Flammables cupboard

"Motorway blue" 500g

"Fascol Ivory" 500g

"Pepu White" 500g

"Violet" 50g

"RAL 9005" 50g

"Pepu Black" 500g

"Fascol Chestnut" 500g

Pigment for casting
Ebest Rhodamine BN Violet Pigment Non-Hazardous Flammables cupboard 20g Pigment
Ebest Fluorescine L TC Green/Yellow pigment Non-Hazardous Flammables Cupboard 20g Pigment
Addition Cure Silicone Rubber Irritant Flammables cupboard 910g Resin
CS2 Condensation Cure Silicone Rubber Irritant Flammables cupboard 910g Resin
Silicone Mould Rubber T20 Irritant Flammables cupboard 1Kg Resin
Dial Pain and Varnish Remover Benzyl Alcohol Irritant, Flammable Flammables Cupboard 1Kg Paint stripper
Sodium Silicate Water Glass Irritant, Toxic Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 1L Bonding agent for casting
C22 Silicone Catalyst Flammable, Harmfull Flammables cupboard 1 x 50ml
Tensol 70 Part B BiBenzoyl Peroxide Harmfull Corrosives Cupboard 1 x 25ml Catalyst
Carbon fiber epoxy filler Carbon Fibre Inhallation hazard Flammables cupboard 1 x 50g Filler

Last Audit : 24th November 2021

Member's chemicals[edit]

These are chemicals stored for a member's specific project, they are for the use of that member only and will be removed as soon as that project is completed. Anything still in the cupboards after the shown removal date may be removed and discarded at any time

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These are the people who look after the chemicals store, they're the ones to contact if there's any problems with it

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