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Kemet Gem-25D Ultrasound Cleaning Bath


Kemet Gem-25D

The ultrasound bath can be used for cleaning parts, especially any parts with small features that would be difficult to clean manually such as screw threads or textured surfaces.

It's intended for use with water-based cleaners such as the one that's kept with it, and it has a heating feature that makes the cleaning much more effective at temperatures in the region of 60ºC.

The ultrasound bath must be fully filled with water before use and it has a safety system to prevent operation when under-filled as this will cause damage. It can be used with solvents but special precautions are required. Please contact Steve for more information if you think you need to do this.

Richard has written a basic manual for the Ultrasound bath here and a manual for a very similar model is available here.

The Ultrasound bath and the cleaning solution concentrate is kept in the south-west corner of the workshop underneath the oven.

Current Status[edit]

Date Status Comment
12th December 2018 Functional

Kemet Gem-25D Ultrasound Cleaning Bath[edit]

Although there is no required payment for using the ultrasound bath we do ask that you consider a donation of £2 per time that you fill the bath with the cleaning solution as the concentrate costs us. Concentrate should be used at the rate of 1 cup per full bath and the MSDS for the cleaning solution is available here, the use of gloves and goggles while handling the solution is strongly recommended.

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