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uCurrent Gold Precision current shunt/meter

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uCurrent Gold Shunt

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Current Status

Date Status Comment
10th September 2018 Fully Functional No reported problems

Can be used for measuring very small currents as milli-volt equivalents on a scope / meter. Ideal for measuring the power usage of microcontrollers. Bought with pledges from Hackspace members.

NOTE: Care is required in using the unit to prevent overloads.

Due to need to keep the burden voltage low, overload protection is NOT INCLUDED in the design. That means NO FUSES.

If you're unsure how to use it - (a) ask!, (b) read this document


  • 3 Current ranges:
    • +/- 0-1250mA (20µV / mA burden voltage typical) * switch contact resistance plays a role here. 10uV due to the shunt resistor.
    • +/- 0-1250µA (10µV / uA burden voltage)
    • +/- 0-1250nA (10µV / nA burden voltage)
    • NOTE: Higher currents are available by increasing the battery voltage, to a maximum of 5.5V, which would give +/-2250mA/2250µA/2250nA maximum)
  • Output Voltage Units:
    • 1mV/mA
    • 1mV/µA
    • 1mV/nA
    • NOTE: You simply read your mV multimeter range as if it were mA/µA/nA
  • Resolution (nA range): 100pA (3.5digit meter), 10pA (4.5 digit meter), 1pA (5.5 digit meter)
  • Accuracy (typical): <+/-0.05% on µA and nA ranges, <+/-0.1% on mA range.
  • Output Offset Voltage: <50µV (essentially insignificant on 4.5 digit meter)
  • Bandwidth: >300KHz (-3dB)
  • Temperature Drift: <10ppm / degC (µA/nA), <15ppm / degC (mA)
  • Noise: < -90dBV
  • THD: < -60dB
  • Battery: CR2032 Lithium coin cell (optional 3 x AAA’s)
  • Battery Life: >50 hours (battery good LED ensures accurate measurement when LED is on). 2.65V cutout voltage.

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