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When a new tool is added to the space a page should be created for it on the Wiki as "tools/<toolshortname>" and added to the main page listing of tools. The tool page should as a minimum include

A good tool page MUST include A good tool page optionally could also have
  • The full name of the tool
  • A picture of it
  • Information about where it's kept if it's not immediately obvious
  • Description of what it does
  • Category tag for tools [[Category:tools]]
  • Add the tool page to the main tools table on the main page
  • If it requires induction then
    • A note saying it requires induction!
    • A link to it's induction page in the format "tools/<toolshortname>/induction"
  • If it doesn't require induction then any important and non-obvious safety information should be on the tools page and ideally there should be a "knowledgeable users" section listing people who are willing to provide assistance with the tool
  • Details of things that can be done with it
  • Link to any workshops that feature it heavily
  • Either a copy of the manual (if we can legally host it) or a link to it (if we can't)
  • Details of who provides inductions and who maintains the tool
  • If you have nice images of the tool in use, then an image gallery

Data matrix[edit]

What tools pages are missing what?

Tool Full name and model number Picture Location Description Safety info or Induction tags Manual inductors/maintainers Image gallery Attention tag removed
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example