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946C Hotplate



The 946C hotplate is used to pre-heat surface mount circuit boards before soldering or reworking components. This is especially useful for multi-layer boards to get heat into the inner layers before work.

This has a heating bed of 200mm x 200mm for boards.

The maximum temperature is 350C.

The hotplate lives on the electronics benches, and can usually be found either on one of the benches or the shelves above them.

To use the hotplate, switch on and press the '*' button to enter "Setting" mode with the LED flashing. Use the Up and Down buttons to set each digit seperately, with the '*' button used to move between them. Pressing the '*' button after the last digit is set causes the hotplate to start heating to the target temperature.

Care must be taken not to leave this unattended while it is in use, or until it has cooled to a safe temperature after use.

Check the power cord is not damaged and has a working earth connection before using the hotplate. This must not be used with a 2-wire power cord.

Please try to avoid spilling anything on the hotplate that may get burned into the surface as this will reduce the efficiency and evenness of the heating.

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Date Status Comment
1st December 2019 Functional

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