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PowerKing SBC1 Blasting Cabinet


PowerKing SBC1 Blasting Cabinet
Simon using the Blasting Cabinet

The Blasting cabinet can be used with various media for cleaning up metals, it's kept under the rear stairs. At the moment we have crushed glass and soda media.

The blasting cabinet works by using a stream of high pressure air to carry one of several types of grit out of the nozzle to abrade the work. Suitable air pressures are in the range of 3-6 bar. To operate it connect up the air line (to the small silver port at the bottom right) and connect a vacuum to the larger white port top right, and 5V power to the light connection back-left. Fill the sump of the blaster with at least 50mm depth of a suitable blasting media/grit and place your work inside and close the lid. WEAR A DUST MASK! the blasting process WILL put a lot of dust into the air and that dust is hazardous and can cause long-term health issues. Use the downstairs air cleaner hooked up to the port on the right hand side and remember to vacuum out the air filter and foam cover on the inside of the cabinet (on the right hand side) as this gets clogs up. Point the gun at the work from a distance of 50-150mm and pull the trigger. The closer to the work and the higher the pressure that you select the more aggressive the material removal will be. DO NOT POINT THE GUN AT ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DESTROY - It can very rapidly remove material, including skin and eyes if it gets anywhere near them. If things are not going well, check that the pick up hose is being fed with sufficient blasting media from the bottom of the cabinet - you may need to reposition the hose or scoop the blasting media back over the hose inlet. When you're finished, return the blasting media to it's containers and clean the cabinet carefully. You will need to wipe clear the viewing window from time to time, please do this GENTLY to reduce the scratching from the blasting media. NEVER use the cabinet without the A3-sized sacrificial window which is stuck to the inside of the main viewing window.

Media Type Good for? Stock
Crushed glass Rust removal, cleaning of steel, rapid material remove of aluminium alloys 25Kg
Soda Gentle cleaning of aluminium alloys, clogs the vent filter in the cabinet very fast 5Kg
Steel shot Surface finishing of materials and rust removal None
Garnet grit Etching of very hard materials such as hardened steel and glass None

Current Status[edit]

Date Status Comment
14th May 2022 Non-Functional Awaiting new seal

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PowerKing SBC1 Blasting Cabinet[edit]


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