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25kW Induction Forge

This tool requires induction
Owing to it's dangerous nature, delicate nature, or expense, this tool requires that you be inducted on it's proper handling before use.


Induction Forge

We now have a 25kW induction forge, purchased for Fransham Forge. It requires induction. The forge and its cooler is mounted on a wheeled cart. The forge runs on 3-phase and the cooler on a regular 240v plug.

An induction forge uses the principle of electro-magnetic induction to heat metals and is remarkably quick, very green and efficient. The metal to be heated is placed inside water cooled coils. A high frequency current is passed through the coils which induces eddy currents in the work piece and causes it to heat up rapidly. The temperature can get to close to 1500 C in seconds. An induction heater avoids the time lost in lighting a forge and bringing it up to temperature, this allows efficient forging of a single work piece. In addition there are no carbon emissions from the fuel. By positioning the work piece, or the design of the coil, localised heating can be achieved.


A variety of tongs and dop rods are kept on the shelf below the forge for use holding work, most of the tongs have been made using the forge it's self. You'll also find a hot-punch and an upsetting block there. The anvil that is used with the forge is found under the metal table on the north wall of the workshop. The anvil has an attached rack in which you will find 3 hammers suitable for blacksmithing use, and a hot-cut hardy tool made by Andy-N.

Planned upgrades[edit]

  • New hammers & hardy-hole tools
  • Leg Vice
  • Card Reader

Forge Caretakers[edit]


Peter-J & Andrew-J


There are currently no workshops running, but several planned.