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  1. Door Lock

The door lock and associated electronics controls access to rLab for members by reading their smartcards and checking the members database for authorization. The door lock is then released to give them access.

    1. State of the Door Lock system as at 15 Jun 2022

On 15 Jun 2022 the door lock system failed to operate and access was only available to people with a physical key. Investigation of the problem led to the door actuator not operating, but after a stripdown and re-grease it was returned to working order and placed back into the door. We had limited documentation on the system and this section aims to document what we found out whilst repairing the door.

      1. The Door Control Electronics

<img alt="Door Electronics - its a mess" src="20220615_Electronics_overview.jpg" width="400"/> <img alt="Door Electronics - Actuator wiring" src="20220615_Actuator_Wiring_2.jpg" width="400"/> <img alt="Door Electronics - Twisted wires" src="20220615_Twisted.jpg" width="400"/>

The door electronics leaves a lot to be desired. The parts are bundled into a box without fixings, wires are twisted together and wrapped in masking tape.

      1. Dismantling the Door to access the Actuator

On the open side of the door is a silver strip that houses and covers the lock mechanism and the actuator. In general, Torx screws are used to hold in the latch, actuator and handle/lock assembly. Posi screws are used to secure the silver strip to the door.

For clarity if you letter the screws A-Q from the top of the door this is what you have:

  • Screws fixing strip to door: ABEJKNQ (Posi-headed)
  • Top Latch fix: CD (Torx)
  • Lock and Handle fix: FGI (Torx)
  • Lock Cylinder Security Screw: H (Long screw bolt)
  • Actuator Fix: LM (Torx)
  • Bottom Latch fix: OP (Torx)

To get access to the latches and actuator you should follow this procedure:

1. Remove the door handle using the screws visible from the inside of the door. 2. Remove the lock cylinder

 a. Remove the lock cylinder security screw H
 b. Use the key from the inside of the door - Turn slightly until you can remove the lock barrel.

3. Undo the Posi screws holding the silver strip ABEJKNQ and pull the silver strip out of the door.

      1. Actuator

<img alt="Actuator" src="20220615_Actuator.jpg" width="400"/> <img alt="Actuator Reverse" src="20220615_Actuator_Back.jpg" width="200"/> <img alt="Actuator Internals" src="20220615_Actuator_Internal.jpg" width="400"/> <img alt="Actuator Pinout" src="20220615_Actuator_Pinout.jpg" width="400"/>

An Actuator [replacement]( @ £240 inc VAT. Best confirmation is in the description on the page of the "A-Oeffner" label. The Product Reference is 6-31082-00-0-6.