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Bringing Visitors and Children into the Hackspace

This is a draft policy and is subject to discussion and alteration

  • For the purposes of this policy, Visitor is any adult over 18 who is not a member of rLab, Child is anyone under 18 years old
  • Members are allowed to bring visitors into the space outside of open-night times
  • 1 visitor or child per member at any time
  • Member are totally responsible for the safety and conduct of visitors they bring into the space
  • Visitors can help you work on your projects, they cannot work independently on their own projects; if they want to do that, encourage them to join up!
  • Visitors cannot use any tool that requires induction
  • Children must be closely supervised AT ALL TIMES, closely supervised means within arms-reach
  • Supervising a child is a full-time job, you can be working together on something, you cannot also be working on something else at the same time
  • Children and very short people may be subject to additional hazards within the space, ensure you consider them.