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Bringing Visitors and Children into the Hackspace

rLab welcomes visitors and we're keen to encourage people to come and see what we do here, but in order to keep everyone safe the following policy applies to visitors and children when in/around rLab

  • For the purposes of this policy, Visitor is any adult over 18 who is not a member of rLab, Child is anyone under 18 years old
  • Members are allowed to bring visitors and children into the space outside of open-days and events
  • 1 visitor or child per member at any time
  • Members are totally responsible for the safety and conduct of visitors or children they bring into the space. If you don't trust your visitor/child to act safely and follow your instructions then don't bring them.
  • Visitors can help you work on your projects, they cannot work independently on their own projects; if they want to do that, encourage them to join up!
  • Visitors or children cannot use any tool that requires induction
  • Children must be closely supervised AT ALL TIMES, closely supervised means within arms-reach and you paying attention to what they're doing
  • Supervising a child is a full-time job, you can be working together on something, you cannot also be working on something else at the same time
  • Children, the elderly and people with different physical abilities may be subject to additional hazards within the space (e.g. from the laser, or from sparks/projectiles from tools), ensure you consider them.