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rLab usage policy: Parking and habitation[edit]


This policy is not intended to target or create animosity against individuals or groups, from either side of the debate. rLab is a welcoming place for people from all walks of life. We as directors simply seek to codify the rules of the hackspace.

rLab jurisdiction[edit]

It is important to first define what areas are considered part of our jurisdiction. rLab has had a long-standing precedent against enforcing rules outside of the premises, unless they directly negatively impact the integrity of the hackspace. Following much appreciated research from our landlord Mr Allen, we have been able to draft the following map:

Extent of rLab car park

What you choose to do when you park outside this is entirely between you and the landowner. Of course be aware that we like to maintain a good relationship with the surrounding businesses, and how you choose to behave towards them may bring the organization into disrepute; we recommend that you speak with the owner of the car park before using their spaces.

Parking policy[edit]

The following rules apply within the boundaries described above:

  • The car park is mainly designated for use by members of the hackspace during hackspace related activities.
  • “Popping out” or using the car park for non-hackspace related activities is permitted on a “don’t take the piss” basis; consider how busy the car park is, how easy it is to move a vehicle if the need arises, who you’re blocking in, and whether you’re reducing access for emergency vehicles.
  • Members are allowed to sleep in their vehicles before leaving the space if this affects their ability to drive safely. However, they should not park in the space in the first place with this as their intention.

Habitation policy[edit]

  • The building is designated for use for hackspace related activities.
  • Use of the building exclusively for utility, such as popping in to use the toilet or kitchen should be avoided by default, but is acceptable in urgent situations.
  • Use of the hackspace for long-term storage of non-hackspace related materials such as food or toiletries is strictly prohibited. If you wish to store your lunch or shopping in the fridge it should be clearly labeled and removed on the same day.

To summarise: rLab is NOT for habitation!