Main Electrical Panel

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The Main Electrical panel is where power comes into rLab, and we use a lot of power! The wiring is being updated at the moment so this page was accurate as of 19th September 2018 but should NOT be considered authoritative as regards the current wiring setup, please check very carefully what the actual situation is before carrying out any electrical work.


The main incoming feed is bottom left on the panel, which goes through the power company fuses and meter and into the large master isolator switch on the left. This interrupts all power in the entire hackspace when used. The maser isolator feeds the 3-phase distribution board, the single-phase distribution board and the 63A 3-phase special purpose socket. The 3-phase distribution board then goes on to feed special-circuits 3-phase board which powers the lathe and the 3 x 3-phase power points in the space. DB-3A is a contactor board that was intended to operate the lathe and laser cutter but is currently un-used.

Description Image

Fed from - Supply Company

Feeds - Master Isolator

Master Isolator

Fed From - Incommer


  • 3-Phase distribution board
  • DB-2A
  • 63A 3-Phase socket
3 Phase main board

Fed From - Master Isolator


  • Kitchen area light
  • Loading bay lights
  • Laser room lights
  • Data Rack
  • Fire Alarm
  • E-stop control loop
  • 3-Phase 16A Sockets downstairs which feed Pillar drill and Pedestal Grinder
  • DB-3A
  • Lathe
  • Downstairs main lights
  • Upstairs main room sockets
  • DB-1A

Fed From - 3-phase distribution board via E-Stop control system


  • 16A Single phase socket for the Bandsaw
  • Downstairs 13A sockets on the east wall
  • Downstairs 13A sockets on pillars
  • Downstairs 13A sockets on walls

Fed From - Master Isolator


  • Water Heater
  • Upstairs Air-con unit
  • Kitchen Consumer Unit
  • Kitchen/Downstairs Air-con unit
  • Main room upstairs lights

Fed From - 3-Phase main distribution unit

Feeds - Nothing right now

E-Stop Loop

Fed From - 3-Phase main distribution unit

Feeds - Interrupts the power supply to DB-1A

3 Phase outlets x 2

Fed From

  • 63A Socket - Main Isolator
  • 16A Socket - 3-Phase main distribution board