From rLab
Kevin as he is today

Kevin is a member of rLab. He used to make extensive use of the woodworking tools downstairs, especially the lathe, bandsaw and linisher. He had the annoying tendency of not cleaning up his sawdust which turned out to be his downfall... He made so much sawdust using the lathe that he was buried and trapped in a large pile of it and because he was always leaving mess around no-one thought to check under the pile for him. By the time he was finally found a few weeks later the sawdust had dried him out so much that he was essentially mummified. Unable to revive him we did the best thing we could think of and mounted his head on a finely crafted wooden plaque, it's what we think he would have wanted!

Although Kevin never showed any signs of interest in electronics in life, years of exposure to the environment upstairs seems to have resulted in him being able to receive bluetooth communications and so he's now able to speak again, if sent a suitable audio stream.