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Warco CY90 Portable Bandsaw

This page is kept for historic interest only, the CY90 has been replaced with the new Horizontal Bandsaw and this one was donated to another hackspace


Warco CY90 Portable Bandsaw

The Warco CY90 is a small metal-cutting bandsaw with a 90mm cutting capacity. It can also rotate the cutting arm to cut mitres at up to a 45 degree angle. Induction is not required for this tool, but please read the user instructions carefully before use. The saw is kept under the bench next to the scroll saw and hand tools.

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Current Status

Date Status Comment
2nd January 2019 Non-Functional Motor trips out main building power intermittently. Blade needs replacing and guide bearings are mis-aligned.

Planned Upgrades

Parts and upgrades that are planned/Budgeted/Purchased for in the near future

  • Replacement blade ordered and user manual requested from supplier.

Warco CY90 Portable Bandsaw

Warco CY90 Specifications Plate

The saw uses a 1/2" x 0.02" x 51" blade. It is fitted with a bi-metal 14tpi blade, suitable for :

  • mild steel
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • plastics

It cannot be used to cut harder steels or wood.

The saw is not an automatic saw - you must control the cut by hand and not let the arm drop onto the material unaided.


These are the people who look after and repair the portable bandsaw, they're the ones to contact if there's any problems with it

Name Notes
James M

Recent Changes

If you make any non-trivial changes to the portable bandsaw or perform maintenance please note it here, delete records older than 1 yr