Chester Cobra Mini Mill

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Chester Cobra Mini Mill

This is a re-branded SIEG X1 micro mill which has a chuck capacity of 10mm with the standard drill-type chuck or takes a 2MT fitting with 10mm drawbar for a proper milling chuck. It has electronic speed control and 2 gears, dual-speed z-axis controls and a 45 degree tilting column.

The micro mill is suitable for small milling operations in light materials (steel, aluminium, brass, plastics etc. Not hardened or tool steels). It can also be used as a precision pillar drill. It is a metric machine, with the X and Y handwheel scales set in 1/40 mm increments.

The micro mill is kept in the downstairs workshop.

Induction is not required for using this tool but suitable PPE including safety googles MUST be worn. If you'd like help using it then please contact one of the "Knowledgeable users" listed below for assistance.

We do not keep any stock of milling cutters suitable for this machine and you'll have to provide your own, this is because cutters are expensive and easily broken and it wouldn't be fair to others to have to pay for them.

The manual for the mini-mill is here and the maintenance manual is here.

Note that the mill will not start if the speed control is at anything above 'zero speed'. To start the mill, turn the speed control as far counter-clockwise as it will go, select the correct gear range with the black rotary knob (high or low range), then turn the power switch to run in 'Forward' or 'Reverse' and slowly turn up the speed. If the speed control is not at 'zero' or turned up too quickly the mill will not start and an orange fault LED will light. In this case, turn the power switch off, reset the speed control and start the mill again.

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Date Status Comment
30th September 2018 Functional

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Parts and upgrades that are planned/Budgeted/Purchased for in the near future

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The following people are able to provide assistance with the mini mill. If you consider yourself experienced at using small mills and are willing to help others then please add yourself to this list

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These are the people who look after and repair the Chester mini mill, they're the ones to contact if there's any problems with it

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If you make any non-trivial changes to the Chester mini mill or perform maintenance please note it here, delete records older than 1 yr

  • Cleaned and oiled the mill. Adjusted the gibs and checked the table alignment Jmf (talk) 07:18, 1 October 2018 (UTC)