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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

In line with Government advice RLAB closed to all members on 25th March. Directors and landlord still had access to the premises for maintenance and security checks.

RLAB will open to members only from 5th July. Guests will not be permitted at this time. Steps to mitigate COVID-19 risk.

  • Reminders to members will be sent out requiring them to not visit RLAB if they feel unwell. Along with this there will be links to COVID-19 symptoms and NHS advice. One or more copies of this advice will be posted at the premises.
  • Members will be required to clean all surfaces and equipment that they have come into contact with. Hand washing facilities will be stocked (running water, soap and paper towels) and additional hand sanitizer will be made available in all rooms. Signage will be put up to remind members to wash hands and use sanitizer.
  • By it’s nature as a workshop, remote access is not possible. Social distancing will be encouraged by not having open nights or running learning workshops. Inductions on equipment for existing members will only be carried out where 1m+ distancing can be maintained. In many areas of RLAB 2m distancing is possible. The kitchen area will not be restocked at this time. Members can use RLAB for tasks that cannot be done offsite, but will be encouraged to limit the social aspect of the space. Members will be reminded both via email communication and one or more posters at the premises to maintain 1m+ distancing.
  • Members will be required to wear face masks (which they must provide) at all times while at RLAB. All other PPE requirements will still be in place.
  • RLAB is well ventilated already, but members will be encouraged to run the air conditioning units upstairs, the air filter downstairs and to open the kitchen area windows.
  • An Ozone generator will operate downstairs overnight to assist with sterilizing the space.