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Current Status


The Harrison M300 lathe is an educational/Light-duty industrial lathe well suited for our requirements. It has a maximum part diameter of 330mm and a maximum length of 650mm and is designed to work with all standard engineering metals and well as most plastics but please note it is NOT suitable for use with any types of wood because wood fibres are sticky and abrasive so they tend to cause damage to the slideways. Induction is required for all members wanting to use the lathe.

Induction options are Induction-Only which covers safe use of the machine and a handful of simple topics suitable for very simple jobs and is available from all trainers, takes about 60 minutes, with a maximum group size of 3 but 1-to-1 will go faster. Level 2 induction which covers a few more topics and is likely to deal with most machining operations that occasional users are likely to need. Level 2 induction takes 3 hours with a maximum group size of 2 although 1-on-1 sessions are available, there may be a small charge for the materials used during training (less than £5). Level 3 induction which covers most machining operations that are likely to occur even on complex projects as well as some of the more complex maintenance tasks on the lathe. Level 3 induction will take 2 sessions of 3+ hours and is 1-to-1, again there may be a small charge for materials used and you'll get a finished object to take home with you. We don't currently have anyone competent and willing to give multi-day advanced training covering all possible lathe operations but if you've got the skills and knowledge needed for this and are willing to share then please let us know! Some of the inductors also offer workshop sessions that involve completing a specific project rather than general lathe operations, these sessions will include at least a basic induction and usually include some but not all material from other induction levels. Charges and times for these vary, see the induction page.