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A page to track the electrical changes requested and made in rLab.

Any works carried out on the building electrical supply MUST be completed in accordance with the current version of the IET Requirements For Electrical Installations (the Electrical Regs) and by people who know what they are doing. This is one area where we do not simply 'hack the space' as the consequences of getting it wrong are too severe.

As data cabling often overlaps with the electrical installation, sharing trunking etc, it is also covered on this page.

If you have any projects that may need changes to the lab electrical system, please ask before you go ahead with the project. Anything unsafe will be removed without notice.

Planned Projects

  • Fit new overhead lighting for the kitchen table
  • Main Room re-work project - Power for the west wall, and the 3d printers
  • Test and sort out the emergency lighting
  • Install new emergency lighting for the Laser Room and back stairs
  • Sort out the main distribution boards
  • Tidy up the data rack
  • Put in a fused outlet for the Workshop air cleaner
  • Document the different distribution boards
  • Install worklight for the wood lathe
  • Install extractor fan for the Workshop
  • Connect up extractor fan in toilet
  • Move upstairs lights onto the Kitchen board

Completed Projects

  • Replace Workshop extension leads with durable, 13a rated leads suitable for a workshop environment
  • Replace Workshop fluorescent tubes with LED low energy tubes
  • Replace Bay fluorescent lights with LED low energy lights
  • Replace Lobby fluorescent lights with LED ceiling panel
  • Replace Main room fluorescent lights with LED ceiling panels
  • Replace Laser room fluorescent lights with LED ceiling panels
  • Require Laser room. Install data cabling to both walls
  • Install new lighting in Kitchen. Ceiling lights and under-cupboard lighting
  • Install new ring main for the electronics benches, plus data cabling
  • Install new ring main in the Workshop for the east wall, plus data cabling. Add points for lathe worklight and extractor fan
  • Install new sub-board in the Kitchen for upstairs power
  • Install new circuits in the Kitchen for the fridge, microwave, dishwasher etc
  • Remove old circuit from the building signage - we don't have an illuminated sign
  • Install new radial circuit in the upstairs cupboard for fume extract and future data closet
  • Remove wall-mounted extension leads from Workshop and fit metal-clad sockets on the ring main
  • Tidy up power for the Workshop inspection microscope
  • Install fused outlet in Workshop for the auto dust extractor on the bandsaw
  • Install frost protection heaters in both toilets
  • Install 16A extention socket from bandsaw to center pillar for MIG welder use
  • Tidy up old power and data cabling between Main room and Workshop
  • Re-fit LoRaWAN gateway with power feed to upstairs cupboard
  • Replace UPS for the 3d printers - need to support a second printer
  • Replace batteries in data rack UPS

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