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When spending rLab funds the approach is to buy the item using your own funds and then claim a repayment using the Xero expense system. Electronic copies of the receipt MUST be provided as part of the expense claim. If you regularly purchase items for rLab we will provide access to Xero for you to raise your own expenses claims. One off claims should be passed to a Director who can create the expense claim on your behalf.

If you are in any doubt over whether the spend is OK you should seek approval from a director BEFORE buying the item.

Spending limits

Cash limits listed below are considered to be outstanding spend - i.e. spending which has not yet been reimbursed through the expenses system.

  • Any member can spend up to £25 to replace consumables or broken items without prior approval - e.g. replacement drill bits, solder iron tips, etc
  • Directors may replace routine consumables without it affecting other spending limits
  • Any director can spend up to £200 without prior approval (The replacement of routine consumables does not impact this spending limit)
  • Any spend outside these limits requires the approval of 2 directors before the spend takes place, one of which can be the director spending the money.